Ketchikan's very own skaters MaFreaka, Tundra Thighs, and Geeking Havoc, accompanied by the amazing NSO Donna Mathtrix, represented K-town in the SNO-Crash scrimmage hosted by the Ragnarok Rollergirls and Garnet Grit Betties on January 18 &19 in Petersburg!  It was a time of learning, networking, and just down-right derby loving!

Skaters from all three leagues were assessed and separated into two teams based on their skill sets, while the referees and NSO's worked together in clinics for a time of epic learning!  Kudos to our own Donna Mathtrix for knowing her stuff and setting a rocking example and encouraging others!  The weekend included training opportunities from: Shocker Khan of Rage City, DK Dynamite of the Denali Destroyer Dolls, Cranberry Crush of the Denali Destroyer Dolls, Kalashnikop of the North Pole Babes in Toyland Roller derby, and Midgi Moto of Taku Rollersports in Juneau.  What an amazing experience!

After assessing and training all day Saturday, Sunday was bout day!  And what a bout!  It was a close game, with a change in lead at one point.  "It was VERY different compared to how we played in our home scrimmage," says Geeking Havoc.  "It was a pure gift having five players AND a lineup change!  You could actually rest and stop sweating in between jams.  It was weird."  An exciting time was had by all and Ketchikan, Petersburg, and Wragell all look forward to playing together again sometime... Although some look hesitantly at playing against each other, now that they know what the others are capable of.  Derby on!

The Ketchikan Rainforest Rollergirls debuted with their first public scrimmage and totally rocked it!  It was a grueling game, especially playing "Iron Doll rules"-- 4 on 4 with only 1 or 2 alternating skaters.  But it was filled with fun and drama!  Ketchikan-- Your rollergirls have arrived, and we bout for you!

Thanks for Wendy Hamilton, Marc Osborne, and Krista Kegl for pictures.

Also, thank you to KPU Live in Ketchikan for pictures and video coverage!
Thanks to all the fans for your support!  The rollergirls kicked off the season with a successful sk8-a-thon and raise some much needed funds.  Those donations will now be put to good use securing practice space; purchasing league gear for new recruits to borrow; and sending some of our vivacious ladies to spar throughout Alaska!

Here's some pictures from that grand event!
*Pictures courtesy of Krista Kegl

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