The Ketchikan Rainforest Rollergirls debuted with their first public scrimmage and totally rocked it!  It was a grueling game, especially playing "Iron Doll rules"-- 4 on 4 with only 1 or 2 alternating skaters.  But it was filled with fun and drama!  Ketchikan-- Your rollergirls have arrived, and we bout for you!

Thanks for Wendy Hamilton, Marc Osborne, and Krista Kegl for pictures.

Also, thank you to KPU Live in Ketchikan for pictures and video coverage!


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    We are the Ketchikan Rainforest rollergirls!

    Made up of mothers, daughters, nurses, teachers, waitresses, baristas, business women, childcare workers, students, and fish wranglers, we are the toughest (and sexiest) thing to come out of the First City!


    January 2014
    November 2013